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To Serve and Protect

Author Jacqueline Detwiler Photography Emily Kate Roemer


Beach-themed décor gets an update—and a splashy new player

The seashells and pastels that were popular beach house looks in 1985 may have gone the way of “Miami Vice,” but marine creatures themselves will never go out of style. Along with such stalwarts as sea urchins and starfish, lately the spotlight has fallen on Corallium rubrum, a ruby-colored coral often sold as jewelry. Whether depicted on glassware or re-created for eye-catching lamps and centerpieces, it perks up nightstands and living room scenes (not to mention your reputation as a stylish homeowner) wherever it grows.

1. Regina-Andrew Design lamp, $350 / neimanmarcus.com

2. Zara Home tumbler, $4 / zarahome.com

3. Zara Home “Sidus” tealight holder, $5 / zarahome.com

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