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To Serve and Protect

Author Jacqueline Detwiler Photography Emily Kate Roemer


Eat off these habitat-supporting dishes, and join the really clean plate club

There are those who like to give to charity quietly—dashing off a check, say, after a visit to an orphanage. But for those who like to support good works and raise awareness simultaneously, there may be no better way than to purchase, and serve dessert on, these artist-designed plates from Azuero. The set of six features artwork by Teresita Fernández, April Gornik, Mary Heilmann, Maya Lin, Richard Prince and Ed Ruscha, and the influences range from optical illusions to landscapes to pop art. Proceeds benefit the Azuero Earth Project, which works to build sustainable housing, 
manage waste and restore forests and animal habitats in Panama. No chocolate cake on earth could make that 
look sinful.

Artists for Azuero 2012 plates, $750 / newmuseumstore.org

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