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This Month’s Hottest Hotels

From Hong Kong to London, we round up some of the world's most notable overnights


DESIGN NOTES: Rustic trappings combine with five-star comfort to create a Robinson Crusoe fantasy escape. Thatched roofs, wooden detailing and open-plan public areas, filled with the chatter of birds, provide a sense of connection to the forests and beaches beyond.

IDEAL GUEST: This resort is popular among certain Holly wood stars, who come here to top off their creative juices and their tans. It’s also perfect for those who are eager to get close to Mother Earth but would prefer to do so while lounging beside a private pool.

WHAT’S NEW: The Viceroy’s recently expanded spa menu offers traditional Mayan treatments in a rustic-chic environment, while the resort’s new beachfront eatery, the Coral Grill, provides a relaxed alternative to elegant in-house restaurant La Marea.

HOT PLATE: The Viceroy specializes in a fusion of Mediterranean and Mexican cuisine. For breakfast, the carne asada is tender and zingy. For dinner, the locally caught grilled fish is succulent and subtly flavored. And don’t miss the aromatic coconut ice cream for dessert.

SIGNATURE COCKTAIL: While the Very Berry Mojito is sublime, you can’t beat the do-it-yourself sessions in which mixologists teach guests to concoct exotic inebriants. They also offer lessons on how to drink tequila like a local (if you need any help with that).

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