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The Origin of a Species

Men's watches with up-to-the-minute style

Author Jacqueline Detwiler Photography Joshua Scott

The time has come for a watch-smartphone hybrid, and Seiko’s Astron is it

There are some who’d say that when the sun rose on the cellphone age, it set on the wristwatch era. After all, when you can tell time using a rechargeable pocket-sized supercomputer, what do you need with a bracelet that can’t even direct you to the nearest coffee shop? But, like animals faced with new environmental pressures, watches are evolving. Some have gone in the direction of art, appearing coated in diamonds, moon dust or shredded euros. Others, most notably Seiko’s Astron, have taken on the characteristics of the invading species. Like a smartphone, the Astron is GPS-enabled, allowing it to determine accurate time from atomic clocks and automatically update to any time zone in the world. Unlike a smartphone, however, it looks nice with a suit, won’t break if you drop it and uses solar power, so it never needs to be charged. Darwin would be proud. $2,300 / www.seiko-astron.com

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