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The legendary Flor de Caña meets the cocktail shaker

Author John Thompson

The Managua bar El Tercer Ojo; inset, the Macua (Photos by Richard Lionardi)

THE NICARAGUAN RUM Flor de Caña is something of a national treasure. Its well-aged dark versions—which frequently place among the top rums in the world at the annual International Wine and Spirits Competition—are best enjoyed neat or on the rocks. Its younger, light-bodied variant, however, offers the perfect base for the vibrant Macuá cocktail, like this one whipped up by Julio Otero, the head bartender at El Tercer Ojo in Managua.

3 oz. orange juice
1 1/2 oz. Flor de Caña Extra Lite four-year rum
1 1/2 oz. passion fruit nectar or guava nectar
Splash of lime juice

Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake together for 10 seconds. Pour into a Collins glass. Garnish with an orange wheel and a green cherry.

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