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Blue Star Power

Taking the uncommonly luxurious Cadillac XTS for a trip down memory lane

Author John O'Connor

The Bells and Whistles

Engine: An elk-like 3.6-liter, 304-hp V-6

Price: $56,730 (for AWD Premium; standard is $44,075)

Perks: The XTS is almost too luxurious for its own good, with several internal fail-safes that essentially infantilize the driver. For instance, when the car draws close to other traffic, the driver’s seat vibrates, which—while quite unnerving—saves you the effort of craning your neck when merging.

Performance: While a tad sluggish off the blocks, the XTS is nimble at cruising speed, wrenching all the power it can from 304 horses and 264 lb-feet of torque, with highway mileage pushing 28 mpg.

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