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Bright Fang

Step up your style with fresh new footwear

Author Jacqueline Detwiler Photography Brian Klutch

Vibrant snakeskin sandals give spring wardrobes a little bite

We can never remember exactly how that rhyme about snakes’ coloring goes, but we definitely don’t recall anything about green bands next to stiletto heels. Regardless, these vivid sandals—which slithered down spring runways in place of the staid white, tan or black python patterns of yesteryear—appear to be dangerous only in that they might cause traffic accidents when you wear them out for cocktails. Brightly colored snakeskin instead of black? You’re all right, Jack.

1. High-heel cage sandals by Gucci, $1,350 / gucci.com
2. Cat sandals by Aperlaï, $1,310 / aperlaiparis.com
3. Indira Rue sandals by Clarks, $80 / clarksusa.com

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