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The Resoluion will be Televised

The latest in covetable hardware (including a TV you have to see to believe)

Author Jacqueline Detwiler Photography Lisa Shin

The hyperprecise (and hyperexpensive) Sony 4K Bravia will have you seeing things

The “invisible gorilla” test was a 1990s psychology study wherein people watching a basketball game failed to notice a man in a gorilla suit walk across the court—demonstrating just how easy it is to miss things that you’re not paying direct attention to. And if your brain can ignore a life-size primate, imagine how quickly it dismisses the muddy minutiae of the movies you watch in standard def. Buy an HDTV, and those details (sweat, wrinkles, blades of grass) appear in disconcertingly vivid relief. Prepare to have the blindfold ripped off again with Sony’s 84-inch 4K XBR 900 Bravia, which has 8 million pixels—four times the resolution of a normal high-def display. When the Bravia was unveiled at a conference in Berlin last august, the image was so clear it made even jaded tech journalists want to reach out and touch the screen. Watch out for gorillas. $25,000 / store.sony.com

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