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The It Lists

Three stars of food, fashion and design pick out seriously stylish gifts for men

Author Jacqueline Detwiler Photography Brian Klutch


A holiday wish list from the legendarily color-obsessed designer—whose whimsical housewares feature kaleidoscopic patterns—reveals that he has similar taste in clothing. Fashion designers who share his aesthetic get a giant thumbs-up. “I love love love Mr. Turk,” Adler says, “and everything Paul Smith makes is perfection.”

Clockwise from left: Bartholome vest by Moncler, $875, www.moncler.com; cotton-blend socks by Paul Smith, $30, www.mrporter.com; Newman sweater by Mr. Turk, $218, www.trinaturk.com.

“Moncler vests are ridonkulously expensive, but totally worth it. They make me feel like I’m on the slopes of St. Moritz instead of in the slush of Manhattan.”

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