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The Duke of Hazard

Taking the Ducati Multistrada superbike on a tear through coastal Pas-de-Calais

Author Cindy-Lou Dale

The bells and whistles


ENGINE: Like Lamborghini, the Ducati badge has gone up on the trophy wall of parent company Audi—little wonder, given the Multistrada’s 150 horses and 9,250 rpm. With a curb weight of 478 pounds, the bike has a fuel consumption of about 41 mpg.

PERFORMANCE: The Multistrada has positioned itself as a four-in-one vehicle: sport bike, long-distance tourer, urban transport and off-road endurance machine. As such, it outperforms just about every other motorcycle out there.

PERKS: The riding mode technologies and Ducati traction control allow different settings for suspension, engine mapping, ABS and traction control, earning the Multistrada a lofty spot in the pantheon of superbikes.

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