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Let it Slide

Gear and togs for making the most of snow days

Author Jacqueline Detwiler

This artist-designed sled is king of the hill

One of the fundamental rules of childhood (right behind “Finders keepers”) is “If it slides down a hill, it’s a sled.” This is true of garbage can lids, greased cookie sheets and—in a pinch—a 10-gallon trash bag. However, if you want your kids’ winter playtime to evoke appropriate levels of nostalgia when they get older, something more enduring may be in order: this Peak Snow sled, for example, co-designed by a sculptor and the president of a German industrial-pallet manufacturer. Handmade in Bavaria out of steam-bent ash, it boasts a woven seat, stainless steel runners and a figure like a fairy-tale dogsled. In short, it’s built to conjure a lifetime of beautiful memories— or at least the best-known fundamental rule of childhood: “Mine!” $367 / shop.gessato.com

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