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Author Jacqueline Detwiler Photography Brian Klutch

Ducati’s Diavel Cromo tempers its devilish good looks with heavenly features

Every legendary vehicle has an origin story, and this is the Diavel’s: When the prototype of Ducati’s then-unnamed 2010 motorcycle rolled past the company’s open-mouthed staff in Bologna, Italy, a guy in the back murmured, “Evil, just like the devil.” Thus the sleek, low-slung cycle—a handsome cross between a cruiser and a sport bike—was named. The recently released Diavel Cromo takes the resemblance even further, with the same 162-hp L-twin-cylinder Testastretta 11° engine, three preset riding modes and safety-enhancing traction-control system as the original model, but now boasting a high-gloss black finish with chrome tank panels. The look is a little flashy, a little sinister, and just perfect for when you’re heading down that highway to you-know-where. $18,995 / www.ducati.com

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