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Art deco lends timeless flair to the digital age

Author JACQUELINE DETWILER Photography Ted Morrison

State-of-the-art meets actual art in Jarre’s Lalique Edition sound system

Compression: good for pantyhose and Olympic swimsuits but, as vinyl purists have repeatedly pointed out, not so good for music. Unless, of course, you’re playing that music through Jarre’s AeroSystem One, a speaker system that’s CD- and turntable-compatible but really shines when it comes to restoring rich, full sound to the compressed audio files on iPods, iPhones and MP3 players. It creates such crystal-clear sound that Jarre recently asked legendary French glassmaker Lalique to actually cover the case in lead crystal to match. The resulting Lalique Edition features jets of colored water that swirl behind the art deco–style sculpture Masque de Femme—proving that even with all that decompression, there’s still plenty of room for beauty.
$14,930 / www.jarre.com

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