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What to Wear: Moscow

Flaunting new fashion savvy in Moscow


Brand manager

WHAT SHE’S WEARING: Margarita Bogomazova skirt, Etro shirt, Giuseppe Zanotti sandals, Escada clutch

ON THE LOCAL STYLE: “We’ve long had a tendency to just overdo it, but recently many Muscovites have started dressing well.”

PERSONAL FASHION OUTLOOK: “My concept is freedom. I love fashion in all its different aspects: from grunge to ‘ladylike’ to Dior.”

FAVORITE DESIGNER: “Ulyana Sergeenko. It’s not in vain that everybody calls her style ‘Russian doll.’ Her collections are really Russian and very beautiful.”

WON’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT: “In Moscow? A worthy bag.”

STAZ ZHITSKY (far right, bottom)
Artist and designer

ON THE LOCAL STYLE: “Moscow is a megalopolis, an international city. It doesn’t have its own style or trends, and I think that is good.”

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