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This Month’s Hottest Hotels

From Chicago to Sydney, the month’s hottest hotels


BACKSTORY: This sprawling Georgian home was built in 1763 by John Rutledge, a signatory of the Constitution and the first governor of South Carolina, for his teenage bride, Elizabeth Grimke. The house has been remodeled over the centuries—the marble mantels and cast-iron detailing were later additions—but Rutledge’s devotion to his young wife remains rooted in the foundation.

IDEAL GUEST: Older than the United States itself, the Rutledge House is the perfect spot for History Channel devotees, architecture buffs and people who want to be able to say that they and George Washington have eaten breakfast in the same place (albeit not at the same time).

HOT PLATE: At the inn’s sister restaurant, Circa 1886, executive chef Marc Collins combines traditional Lowcountry cuisine with sophisticated global flavors. Try the Niman Ranch pork chop with pulled pork, “peach nectar” barbecue sauce, ditalini and cheese, and dilly beans.

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