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This Month’s Hottest Hotels

From Chicago to Sydney, the month’s hottest hotels


BACKSTORY: Brick’s past ranges from momentous to seedy. At various times the building has been home to a Mexican general who became president, a locksmith and a “house of dates” (to deploy a local euphemism). The hotel, which opened in 2010, adopted the name of the former madam, Olivia, for the stylish restaurant on its front deck.

CLAIM TO FAME: The English banker who built the house in the early 1900s used bricks shipped from his home country. It’s the only building in the Roma neighborhood that has these cream-colored bricks, and perhaps the only one in Mexico City.

ROOM WITH A VIEW: The W. Orrin Suite’s large patio atop the hotel’s portico overlooks Roma’s ever-lively Orizaba corridor, while a jacaranda tree, heavy with bright purple blossoms in springtime, provides shade and fragrance.

HOT PLATE: The miso black sea bass at Brasserie La Moderna is marinated with tasty (but not too spicy) chipotle pepper and soybean paste, then given a glaze of soy, mirin and sake. The meat is flaky and subtle, with a touch of sweetness.

SIGNATURE DRINK: The cucumber-peppermint martini is just the thing after a day broiling in the Aztec sun. For extra zing, the glass has a kick of ground chili pepper, salt and lime around its rim.

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