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Three Perfect Days: London

It is one of the biggest, most interesting and most happening cities on earth. And with the Olympic Games returning, now's the ideal time to rediscover London in all its polish, pomp, grit and glory.

Author Joe Keohane Photography Richard James Taylor


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Afternoon tea at The Goring

WITH THE OLYMPIC GAMES starting up later this month, the world’s eyes will turn to London. That is, if they ever turned away to begin with. The biggest city in Europe and the former capital of a vast empire, London offers in equal measure cutting-edge culture and a history so pervasive it’s almost impossible to comprehend.

Founded by the Romans nearly 2,000 years ago, London (née Londinium) endured plagues, invasions, wars, fires and other forms of upheaval and unpleasantness on its journey to become the capital of England, the center of the British Empire and, more recently, a global trendsetter in literature, music and fashion.

Today the city is vibrant, a financial powerhouse even amid an economically shaken European Union — but from the stately parks of Kensington to the bohemian haunts of the East End, the wide and low megalopolis affectionately known as “The Smoke” has lost none of the inimitable contrasts that have long defined it. It remains, as ever, London.

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