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The Budnitz No. 3 Honey Edition is one sweet ride

Paul Budntiz probably could have called it quits after his art-house toy company, Kidrobot, took off. By then, he had already written several books, won awards for two indie films and become the first person to edit a movie entirely on a home computer — which, honestly, is enough achievement for most bloodlines. Instead, the California-born entrepreneur with the Midas touch started tinkering with faux-vintage Dutch-style bicycles, hand-constructing them out of titanium, soft leather and whimsy. His latest showpiece, the No. 3 Honey Edition, is a speedy city bike with cream 29-inch tires, a leather Brooks saddle and a sleek cantilever frame with a crossbar as graceful as an arabesque. Carry on, Budnitz. Carry on.
$3,100 / www.budnitzbicycles.com


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