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Splendor in the Grass

Stylish camping gear to make any camper happy

Author JACQUELINE DETWILER Photography Christian Garibaldi

Ingenious accessories for outdoor cooking

1. Leave it to the citizens of drizzly Ireland to invent a method for boiling water in the rain using little more than twigs. This reproduction from Garrett Wade employs a hollow-center chimney and a double-wall boiler to achieve the feat, so you can have hot chocolate when you really need it. $107 / www.garrettwade.com

2. Using actual sticks to roast your marshmallows is so 2000 B.C.: You burn your hand, you light your stick on fire, you get bits of bark in your s’mores. This Terrain steel roaster, which can tackle about a dozen ‘mallows simultaneously, brings camp dessert into the 21st century. $18 / www.shopterrain.com

3. There is not a single additional thing that could have been fit into this portable barbecue from Kieler Kiste. The wooden box contains a grill, trays, a bread bowl and two mugs, plus plates, knives, forks and napkins for four. The flipbook-style instructions (think Harold and the Purple Crayon) are equally brilliant. $390 / www.regioware.de

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