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Spanning 75 years with the Golden Gate Bridge; female mountain guides climb the ranks in Nepal; L.A. drivers debut a symphony for horns; getting a kick out of three-sided soccer in Bilbao


Besides making it one of the most recognizable bridges in the world, the iconic “international orange” color of the Golden Gate Bridge helps it stand out against the San Francisco Bay’s iconic weather: fog. To aid in that effort, and help ring in the bridge’s 75th birthday, its caretakers have decided for the first time ever to clean, reseal and repaint the full length of the two main cables, a process that will take six years. Bridge construction took only four— so what’s the holdup? “There are a number of factors,” says Mary Currie, the bridge’s public affairs director. “The fog, for one.” —SAM POLCER


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  1. Allyson Johnson Says:
    May 2nd, 2012 at 12:01 pm

    3 sisters adventure trekking led our party of three on the annapurna circuit last fall – When fog closed the airport at our trek’s endpoint we traveled by jeep until where the road was washed out, hiked across the torrent and two hours further to the next town, caught a local bus to the next large twon, where the 3 sisters’ SUV retrieved us and took us back to start. Our guide was never at a loss. Thanks, Bena!

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