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Look, Sharp!

Grooming essentials with plenty of face value

Author Jacqueline Detwiler Photography Lisa Shin

Zafirro’s atomic-edged, $100,000 Iridium hones the razor’s image

Apart from heftier price tags and flashier colors, the safety razor hasn’t changed much since King C. Gillette (yes, that Gillette) invented it in 1904. Zafirro, a razor company that won funding from eco-friendly venture firm Bright Light, aims to shake things up. Its limited-edition Iridium razor is designed to last your entire life, with white sapphire blades cut by ionized particles to an edge that’s less than 100 atoms thick (5,000 times thinner than a hair) and a handle made of corrosion-proof iridium, the same metal used in rocket engines. Zafirro will even clean and sharpen it for you — for 20 years. It costs exponentially more than nearly every razor ever made, but hey, it’s also the only one that comes with rocket science. $100,000 / www.zafirro.com

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