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Heavy Metal

Workout gear with style to spare

Author Jacqueline Detwiler Photography Lisa Shin

Ultramodern weights take the homely out of home fitness

Unless you have your own gym, work as a personal trainer or are Billy Blanks, there’s only one place for your hand weights — in the dusty shadows behind the front door. (“I use them as a doorstop!” you insist nervously when dinner guests arrive.) There’s a better solution: Danish designer Menu, known for futuristic stainless steel candle holders, jewelry trees and shoehorns, has contrived this set of magnetic weights that curve around each other like a Miró sculpture. Is it a paperweight? Objet d’art? Postmodern flute? Enlighten visitors only if you care to. Now that your dumbbells have come into the light, their cultural weight is in your hands. $100 / www.creativedanes.com

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