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Romancing the Stone

Leave the dainty jewelry at home: Fall calls for big, regal rocks


1 From afar, agate and precious stone pieces like Kimberly McDonald’s Jasper and Brown Diamond Pendant give off an earthy, Discovery Store vibe. Up close, it’s clear you could pawn one to buy a car. $36,000 / kimberlymcdonald.com

2 British jeweler Mawi’s new Panther line takes a step into the dark heart of the rainforest with glittery-eyed jungle cats and voodoo priestess–inspired designs. $775 / www.mawi.co.uk

3 Bulgari’s Mediterranean Eden ring reimagines paradise as a green pool of peridot surrounded by an 18-karat-gold field dotted with diamonds. $25,900 / www.bulgari.com

4 After years of remaining contentedly behind the scenes, former private label designer Carelle recently launched a consumer line. With a massive beacon like this rutilated quartz ring, it won’t be long before the masses find them. $2,610 / www.carelle.com

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