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Under Pressure

Even without electricity, Presso’s espresso maker puts a jolt in its brew.


On the Make
Galley gadgets heat up the kitchen

1 Less breakable than modern art but more interesting than the traditional cocktail shaker, Nambe’s Twist is great for punching up a garden variety home bar. The best part? Encouraging your guests to make their own cocktails while you sit back and watch. $145 / www.nambe.com

2 There’s only one thing to blame for a grimy pie timer: the tiny numbers that require you to pick it up to read it. If you could only see how much time is le from across the room, as you can with designwright’s geometric Pie, you could keep your messy hands to yourself. Bingo, clean pie timer. $14 / www.josephjoseph.com

3 Plates are nice and all, but they normally prefer to stand back and leave the spotlight to the food. Not so with Moneral’s Flame line. The stylish, teardrop-shaped dishes are made out of flawless pine from a sustainably managed Finnish forest. Top them with sushi and they’ll steal the show. $33 / www.moneral.fi

4 Master bladesmith Bob Kramer has shaped custom cutlery for some of the world’s top toques, but his knives weren’t available to the public until Zwilling asked him to design one for them. You’ll feel like a top chef using one — just leave the speed chopping to the pros. These babies are sharp. $140-350 / www.surlatable.com 

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