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Under Pressure

Even without electricity, Presso’s espresso maker puts a jolt in its brew.


In Hot Water
Three things that go with joe

1 The postprandial conversation lull can derail even the liveliest dinner party. Get back on track by serving your a er-dinner drinks in this student design contest–winning espresso set, which delivers two conversation stimulants: good looks and caffeine. $48 / www.momastore.org

2 The founders of Coffee Joulies think caffeinated beverages are an exact science. That may be arguable, but their invention isn’t: These metal beads cool coffee quickly and then keep it at drinking temperature twice as long. $50 / www.joulies.com

3 Speaking of science, this beaker-inspired cream and sugar set from Danish design company Eva Solo is meticu lous about measurement. The sugar dispenser automatically releases a single teaspoon of sugar when inverted. $66 / www.evasolo.com

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