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These cliff side hotels will have you seeing things

Big Sur, Calif

THERE’S A REASON why the rolling, straw- colored hills, the spooky redwood groves and the rocky, fog-enshrouded coastline of Big Sur form the backdrop of commercials for just about every carmaker in the history of television: There’s no place anywhere that can match it for sheer drama. And few places in Big Sur are as inviting as the exquisite Post Ranch Inn, which has 39 guest rooms spread over 20 acres of sequoia stands and golden eagles’ nests, facing either the vast Pacific or the inland Santa Lucia mountain range. The cliff side villas are a study in stunning scale: Beside the wood-burning fireplace, a glass-walled bedroom looks out past the balcony and Jacuzzi over the edge of a 1,000-foot drop to the undulating ocean below. Acrophobes beware. www.postranchinn.com

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