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Three Perfect Days: Rome

Once the power center of the world, the Eternal City shines and inspires anew if you take your time with it. (Just don’t order cappuccino afternoon.)

Author Joe Keohane Photography Mark Read

St. Peter’s Basilica from across the Tiber River

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IT’S THE TREVI FOUNTAIN that does it. You’ll be strolling aimlessly around Rome’s alleyways at night, ideally with an almond gelato in hand, and all of a sudden, there it is: the Trevi, packed into an undersize square, the light off the water flickering up against the Baroque masterwork, gazed upon by young Roman lovers sharing bench space with tourists. It’s one of the city’s—which is to say one of the world’s—leading tourist attractions, but nothing can prepare you for the sensation of just happening upon it.

Many a Roman holiday has been ruined by outsize ambitions. It’s more important to feel it than to see it. In Rome—a single syllable that once encompassed the world—stylish businessmen wander down narrow mazelike streets originally trod by distant ancestors, and workaday Romans chat idly in the shadows of great monuments to lost power and faded glory. Here, the weight of history subtly imbues even the most pedestrian routines of city life. Three days here is all the evidence you need that though the Eternal City has lost its imperial reach, it has lost none of its power.

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  1. anya camilleri Says:
    February 7th, 2013 at 3:03 pm


    Are you doing a story on fashion in Rome for the March edition?
    How do I buy a copy if I live in Rome?

    Another question – Do you ever need video/films shot in Rome as I am a Rome based film maker who knows Rome and other parts of Italy very well.? I also speak fluent Italian

    Many thanks
    Anya Camilleri

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