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King Fin


According to surfboard-maker Roy Stewart’s website, the unusually shaped Chieftain represents a triumph of imagination over practicality—which is pretty much true of surfi ng itself. One taste of its smooth, zippy ride and you’ll never want to get out of the water again. And that’s good, because if you bought a Chieftain you probably had to sell your house. $417,000 / www.olosurfer.com

Mud Club

Rugged rides for trailblazers.

1 When tearing up single-track, there are two things that can ruin your day: falling off your bike and bottoming out. Avoid both on Diamondback’s Mission 4, with a low-center-of-gravity suspension and an adjustable front fork. Look out for that rock! Just kidding. $5,660 / www.diamondback.com

2 If we’ve learned anything from rap videos, it’s that all vehicles look be er with the biggest wheels possible. In the case of Surly’s Karate Monkey, those 29-inch monsters are there for a reason—providing a be er ground approach angle. $1,050 / www.surlybikes.com

Hard Time

These watches get their hands dirty.

TAG Heuer’s Aquaracer 500M (below) has a lot of benefi ts for divers, not least of which is that it can go from a coral reef to a meeting without making you look as if you spent the weekend in Bimini. You did realize that presentation was due on Monday, didn’t you? $3,150 / www.us.tagheuer.com

1 In the middle of an adventure, the last thing you want is to have trouble reading the tiny numbers on your watch. With U-Boat’s luminescent Flight Deck, that won’t be a problem. $3,400 / www.uboatwatch.it

2 Five-hundred-meter watches are great for divers, but if you happen to launch out of a submarine (as one does), you could be out of luck. Try Omega’s Seamaster Ploprof, which can take a bone-crushing 1,200 meters of pressure. $9,250 / www.omegawatches.com

3 Sure, the folks at Victorinox pack a bunch of handy stuff into their Swiss Army knives. But wait until you see what they put in their Divemaster 500: glowing hands and hour markers, an anti-reflective skin and a calendar. $595 / www.swissarmy.com

4 Tissot’s motocross-inspired T-Race watch has all sorts of handy features, like quick-push bu ons and more than three years of ba ery life, plus a rubber strap so you won’t sweat it off when you’re leaning into those tight turns. $595 / www.tissot.ch

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