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Lights Out

Coleman solves an age-old camping quandary: Who carries the lantern?

Author Jacqueline Detwiler Photography Claire Benoist


It’s dark. There are snakes and—who knows?—maybe bears out here. Everyone’s huddled around the lone lantern…until you start to run out of firewood. Good thing your buddy brought Coleman’s new Quad Lantern so you don’t have to tramp off into the underbrush armed with naught but a beam the width of a copperhead. Each of the Quad Lantern’s four panels has six LED bulbs that can illuminate 26 feet of ground, adding up to an impressive 190 lumens when brightening up your campsite. It’s perfect for splitting up to check out that creepy chainsaw noise. You’ll be right back…

1. POLE POSITION The only thing that unfolds more beautifully than a Black Diamond Z-Pole is the panorama you’ll see while trekking over rugged terrain. $150 / www.blackdiamondequipment.com

2. MORE POWER TO YOU The Eton Raptor is an emergency weather radio. More important, it uses solar power to charge your cell phone, so you can play Angry Birds at base camp. $130 / www.etoncorp.com

3. HOT FOOT The lightweight Taku GTX boot is the most recent addition to Vasque’s most popular line ever. We think this one will make it into the yearbook for sure. $165 / www.vasque.com

4. EVERY WHICH WAY Not all who wander are lost—especially not those who carry Garmin’s preloaded high-sensitivity GPS receiver, the Oregon 550T. $600 / www.garmin.com

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