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The Places I Go: Carrie Fisher

The star of wishful drinking connects with her kids in the Netherlands

Author Jacqueline Detwiler Photography Axel Koester/The New York Times/Redux

Image – Axel Koester/The New York Times/Redux

“For my daughter’s eighteenth birthday last summer we went to Amsterdam. Billie had flown over with her boyfriend, Max, and rented an apartment. We stayed at the Hotel Pulitzer, which was very quaint and right around the corner from where the kids were. They had no air conditioning in the apartment, so they were always in our room.

“I’m a straight-up tourist when I travel. I always hire whatever goofy cars you can ride around in. In Amsterdam, we took horse-and-buggy rides through the city. The kids borrowed bicycles. We rented wooden canal boats to tour the canals. In the boats, after we toured around, they set out tablecloths and food and champagne and we had a picnic. We were there in the height of summer, which is when you’d think it would be crazy there—but it was very mellow. It’s a very friendly city. I don’t think you can really be overwhelmed by Amsterdam.”

Fisher’s one-woman show, Wishful Drinking, will air on HBO this month.

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