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The Right Stuff

An international guide to finding the perfect holiday present.

Author Jacqueline Detwiler Photography John Lawton

1. HAPPY FEET (Canada)

Giving Dad handmade leather slippers says “I care about your feet.” That’s much nicer than “I care about your golf game,” or “You need a new dress shirt.”
$70 /// www.thepyjamastore.com

2. HARD TO CRACK (Germany)

Rimowa’s Topas Business Trolley protects against humidity, so your clothes can handle Miami in July-even if you can’t.
$405 /// www.rimowa.de


More festive than a Christmas sweater and substantially less cheesy, MelanyBe’s elk necklace screams “holiday office party.”
$207 /// www.melanybe.com

4. WATCH IT (Japan)

Why do you need Citizen’s Eco- Drive Blue Angels Skyhawk A-T watch? Because it keeps time in 43 world cities, that’s why. (And because Eli Manning has one.)
$699 /// www.citizenwatch.com

5. THICK SKIN (Italy)

The buttery Tuscan leather of Floto’s Venezia travel tote ages like a saddle. Just don’t tell friends you got them saddlebags. They may not appreciate it.
$349 /// www.flotoimports.com  

6. PRETTY GOOD (Uganda)

It’s hard to imagine a more wholesome gift than Bead for Life’s Mandaala necklaces. Made from recycled paper, their sale supports Ugandan women.
$25 /// www.beadforlifestore.org

7. IN THE TRENCHES (England)

Adding a cowl neck was the only way to make the trench coat more stylish. Go figure-Allsaints Spitalfields thought of it first.
$390 /// www.us.allsaints.com


Hansa’s plush yak is so realistic, you may find yourself trying to feed him. But be honest, do you know what yaks eat?
$86 /// www.sweetwilliamltd.com

9. MAGIC WORDS (Germany)

Staring at the clock used to mean you were waiting for something. Now it means you’re fascinated by QlockTwo’s nonnumerical time telling.
$995 /// www.qlocktwo.com


A tot who knows K is for potassium might take over the world, making Xylocopa’s Young Mad Scientist’s First Alphabet Blocks a smart gift.
$39 /// www.xylocopa.com

11. GOOD CALL (Sweden)

Part of Sony Ericsson’s Greenheart program, the Naite does everything your smart phone can do but in recycled plastic and with a lot less energy.


(U.S.A.) Undeterred by that other vacuuming robot, Neato Robotics designed a floor cleaner that uses laser mapping. Here’s hoping their next project involves sharks.
$400 /// www.neatorobotics.com

13. IT’S GOT GAME (Brazil)

You might think there’s no way to improve a game as old as backgammon. Dos Reis disagrees: Its set has a silent playing field, leather cups and precision dice.
$750 /// www.zontikgames.com

14. SO FLY (France)

Not only does the Parrot AR Drone run on commands from an iPhone, it can set up a Wi-fi hotspot for multiplayer battles. Remote controls are so 1980.
$300 /// www.brookstone.com

15. ON BOARD (U.S.A.)

DC Men’s Snowboarding Status boot is the company’s most supportive-ideal for boarders who have weak ankles, enjoy hard landings or just need a hug.
$350 /// www.snow.dcshoes.com

16. THE EYES HAVE IT (Sweden)

Because the lens is on the outside of the frame, POC’s Cornea goggles enlarge skiers’ fields of vision. Watch for snow bunnies.
$150 /// www.pocsports.com

17. EASY RIDER (Switzerland)

Heidiskis’ All-Mountain PRO skis carve so effortlessly because they are 35 percent stiffer than the original version. That means you won’t be.
$1,640 /// www.heidiskis.com

18. SNOW PROBLEM (Italy)

Six crampons and a heel lifter help Baldas Lys snowshoes adhere to steep slopes, because you want to go snowshoeing, not snow-slipping.
$159 /// www.mountaingear.com

19. LIKE A DREAM (France)

Would more people become mountaineers if sleeping outside were cozy? With the Bloody Mary sleeping bag, Valandre intends to find out.
$489 /// www.moosejaw.com  


When forester Bo Hilleberg met his wife on the slopes, he knew his future was in the outdoors. No wonder his tents are so comfy.
$765 /// www.hilleberg.com

21. BRING THE HEAT (Norway)

Norway’s Mount Fagernes inspired the windproofing and warmth of Norrona’s narvik jacket, so it should do for your commute.
$500 /// www.norrona.com

22. TAKE A SEAT (England)

A little larger than a briefcase, the Picnic at Ascot suitcase un- folds into a table with four seats. You’ll never have to worry about grass stains again.
$150 /// www.robertsanddore.homestead.com

23. HOT SHOTS (Austria)

A reproduction of a classic ’60s camera, Lomography’s Diana F+ takes dreamy stills that will make your friends look like they live in a Belvedere ad. Take that, DSLRs.
$95 /// www.microsites.lomography.com  

24. WEB SURFER (Australia)

Hey, Spicoli, Mr. Hand knows you’re on Surfline instead of paying attention in class. Might as well do it on the Billabong Sony Vaio and score cool points.
$450 /// www.sonystyle.com  

25. WET AND WILD (Japan)

Sanyo’s Xacti hi-def video camera can capture any “indoor or outdoor” adventure in up to 10 feet of water. If you have 10 feet of water indoors, please be careful.
$350 /// www.us.sanyo.com


Standing up on a paddleboard isn’t easy, but Ocean Kayak’s Nalu paddleboard is maneuverable when you’re seated.
$749 /// www.oceankayak.com


Topeaka casts aside concerns about bike commuting with the Jango Flik. All you have to do is figure out how to fold it.
$1,295 /// www.jangobikes.com

28. CLEAN CUT (Switzerland)

What could Swiss Army Knife maker Victorinox craft if they concentrated on a single knife at a time? The supersharp zirconium oxide ceramic collection.
$110-120 /// www.swissarmy.com

29. EGG PLANT (Israel)

When you serve Galilee Osetra Caviar, friends can accuse you of being extravagant, but not wasteful: It comes from sustainably raised Russian osetra sturgeon.
$125/ounce /// www.caviar.com

30. SOUND OFF (Netherlands)

The curved shape of Philips’ Fidelio iPod/iPhone dock doesn’t just look pretty, it mimics the acoustics of a live performance. That said, it’s awfully pretty.
$200 /// www.store.philips.com

31. FIRST SERVED (Thailand)

Handmade out of rosewood, these Twig Servers will make your salads look all natural-even if you put American cheese in them.
$64 /// www.globaltable.com

32. UNDER PRESSURE (Denmark)

The worst thing about a garlic press is cleaning the tiny holes. Eva Solo has a better idea: easy- to-wash slits. Vampires beware.
$90 /// www.evasolo.com

33. FOREVER PLAID (Argentina)

You haven’t had too much malbec: For his Origo Mix series, Alfredo Häberli added verticals to his iconic striped bowls.
$12-$28 /// www.sfmoma.stores.yahoo.net

34. SHINE ON (Sweden)

Apart from the colorful glow it creates, the best part about the Shine Candle Holder is that it protects a flame from moths, wind and enthusiastic storytellers.
$22 /// www.globaltable.com

4 Responses to “The Right Stuff”

  1. SpitalfieldsE1 Says:
    November 1st, 2010 at 10:42 am

    If you’re looking for the perfect present, come to Spitalfields Market in London. It’s the place Allsaints loved so much they added it to their name.

    At Spitalfields Traders Market there’s a range contemporary and vintage fashions, music, bespoke children’s toys, jewellery and accessories and home interiors. The market is also surrounded by a host of independent boutiques, food shops and restaurants. Plus you have Old Spitalfields Market right next door.

    Take a look: http://www.spitalfields.co.uk

  2. RUSS PORTER Says:
    November 9th, 2010 at 12:06 am

    Great magizine with great stories of interest about countries & restaurants to visit as well as information on products. In the current issue there is an article about a one cup coffee maker for camping. I left te magazine and may not be on another flight this month. Can you send me that article.

    Russ Porter 00414328628

  3. Susan Shaw Says:
    November 9th, 2010 at 1:41 pm

    I work at Victorinox Swiss Army and love the spread on pages 84/85 in The Right Stuff article. I’ve been promoting this knife as a great holiday gift.

    Do you have a reprint of that spread so I can show it to my customers. An electronic version is fine!


  4. sinosells Says:
    December 30th, 2010 at 4:15 am

    I figure life is a gift and I don’t intend on wasting it. You never know what hand you’re going to get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes at you.

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