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The Eyes Have It

Steiner's Peregrine XP binoculars are the BMWs of optical instruments.

Author Adam K. Raymond Photography John Lawton

Binoculars have one purpose—making distant objects look near (as long as you’re peering in the right end). The technology was invented a few hundred years ago, and ever since, creating the perfect pair of binoculars has been more about refinement than advancement. Steiner’s Peregrine XP binoculars are nothing if not refined.

With technical specs straight out of a luxury car catalog (high pressure die-cast, lightweight magnesium chassis and water-repelling “NANO-Protection” coating), not to mention ergonomic gel-filled grips, these binoculars are the most sophisticated and attractive way to make things appear closer than they are.

Peregrine XP / $1,600 / www.steiner-binoculars.com

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