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Play Ball

Orb Audio proves that form and function aren't mutually exclusive.

Author Adam K. Raymond Photography John Lawton


Mod1 Plus / $1,000 / www.orbaudio.com

The unfortunate truth about top quality sound systems is that they’re usually best when heard and not seen. Orb Audio is out to change that with its Mod1 Plus Home Theater System, which includes five 4.18-inch-diameter speakers made from hand-finished steel, and a compact subwoofer. Artisan metalworkers shape the sleek speakers around rare-earth magnets, CCAD voice coils and other complicated technology that allows these softball-size speakers to produce audio so crisp and clear you’ll swear you can’t afford it. But you can. At $1,000 the Mod1 doesn’t even approach the price of other high-end speakers, much less the cost of cabinets needed to hide them.


$430 / www.nikonusa.com

Few innovations in the bloated world of digital cameras are worth noting. But the Nikon Coolpix’s built-in projector absolutely is.


$26 / www.harryanddavid.com

Sending a loved one roses is nice, but they won’t taste as good as a box of Harry & David’s famous Royal Riviera pears.


$250 / www.momastore.org

The Magno radio is handcrafted by Indonesian carpenters out of sustainably harvested woods. More importantly, it looks amazing.


$141 / www.handpresso.com

Making espresso by hand has never been so easy. In fact, the Handpresso is the first product designed to make it possible.

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