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The Places I Go: Rebecca Romijn

Photography Jack Guy

“WE REALLY LIKE GOING down to Mexico, the Caribbean side. My husband, Jerry O’Connell, and I have gone to Playa del Carmen four or five times. It’s magical. We love the Latin culture. I don’t want to reveal the place we stay, because it’s so tiny and private, and I don’t want it to become overrun. The first time, we went for three days, and we just totally fell for it.

“Now we have six-month-old twins, Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip, so travel is tough. I have a lot of family in Holland, so we’d love to take them there soon, but it’s basically just been road trips since they were born. We’ve taken them on one plane ride so far. Hopefully they’ll be old enough to hang out on the beach in Mexico soon.”

REBECCA ROMIJN stars in Eastwick, premiering this month on ABC.

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