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Decisions, Decisions …

United introduces its new Choice Menu.

CHOCOLATE OR VANILLA. Apples or oranges. Paper or plastic.

Your day is full of choices. And now, with the new Choice Menu, United is offering you even more of them.

Customers flying in United Economy on dozens of United flights can select a host of premium snack and beverage items for sale. Looking to start the day just right? Try the Gourmet Deli Plate. Prefer to start the day off light? Then go for the Fruit & Yogurt Parfait. Both—along with a continental breakfast—are served on flights departing before 10 a.m. On Choice Menu flights serving lunch and dinner, United offers sandwiches, wraps and salads. If you’re up early or tired after racing through a busy day, revive yourself with Revive Vitamin Water or any of more than a dozen premium beverages.

For travelers with a light snack in mind, the Choice Menu includes several à la carte items, including potato chips and mixed nuts, as well as newly redesigned snackboxes. And if you’ve got a taste for something sweet, you can choose a chocolate bar, shortbread cookies, granola bars, energy bars… The choice is yours! And if you choose not to make a choice at all, then choose one of everything. We won’t tell.

“Seeing the Choice Menu items in addition to the traditional snackboxes was a welcome surprise on a recent flight from San Francisco to Chicago,” says Zoe King, a frequent United flier whose travels also take him twice a month between his home base of San Francisco and New York. “I chose the turkey and Swiss lavash wrap, and I liked it so much I ordered a spinach and bacon salad to take to the hotel.” Excellent choice.


United introduced the Choice Menu May 5 on flights linking San Francisco with Denver, Chicago and Washington, and has gradually expanded the Choice Menu to many flights to and from Los Angeles, Honolulu and Maui. By year-end, Choice Menu items will be available for sale in United Economy on most flights of at least two hours’ duration throughout the continental U.S., Hawaii, Canada, Central America and the Caribbean.

In designing the Choice Menu, United convened 12 customer focus groups— six each in Chicago and San Francisco—to gauge travelers’ appetites for onboard food sales and to understand better what level of service travelers value on flights of varying lengths. United also interviewed customers by phone and evaluated feedback from thousands of travelers who completed two comprehensive online surveys. In other words, we did our homework.

The result: more choices for more travelers. If the Choice Menu isn’t yet available on your flight, ask a flight attendant about our redesigned snackboxes— they’re already widely available, even on flights that don’t yet have the full Choice Menu options. Then come back and see us. More choices are on the way!

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