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Green Machine

United's carbon calculator helps you offset your travel footprint.


YOU CAN BREATHE EASY with United’s new carbon offset program — not only is it meaningful, but it can also cost less than a latte each time you fly.

In collaboration with Sustainable Travel International (STI), a well-recognized global leader in environmentally responsible travel, you may now contribute toward reforestation and renewable energy projects, and, in doing so, offset the carbon footprint of your individual travels.

United worked with STI to develop a carbon calculator that is customized to your travel. Our calculator determines the carbon footprint that results from each flight, taking into consideration the planes in our fleet, load factors and fuel usage. Suppose you were flying from O’Hare to Orlando in October, or Denver to Des Moines in December; perhaps the Great Wall to the Great Plains, or from Red Square to Orange County. Our carbon offset calculator will suggest a tax-deductible contribution that you can make to protect a biodiversity hotspot or to support a wind farm, for example. And depending on the distance of your flight, you might be able to offset your carbon footprint for as little as $2. Frequent flier? Don’t fret. You can also make a onetime contribution of $20 or $50. And you can do it more than once!

By joining together and sharing the responsibility, we can all make a difference and protect the environment.

Visit united.com/carbonoffset to learn more about the program and calculate the carbon footprint for your travels. You can see how little it costs to make a big difference.


With United’s new premium cabins on all Australia flights — to and from Los Angeles and San Francisco — United First and United Business customers will enjoy a more relaxing flight on a Boeing 747 with lie-flat seats, iPod connectivity and more than 150 hours of on-demand movies and TV, plus, on outbound flights, appetizers and entrees designed by world-renowned chef Charlie Trotter.

Traveling in economy? Consider purchasing an upgrade to United Economy Plus and enjoy up to five extra inches of legroom, complimentary for Mileage Plus® program members who have earned Premier, Premier Executive or 1K status.

With convenient connections in Los Angeles and San Francisco, United offers travelers from Australia more ways to get to and from more cities throughout the United States with just one stop.

And if that isn’t enough, United Qualified Purser Nancy Von Huben suggests yet another great reason you should choose United on your next U.S.-Australia trip: Vegemite, served on board! If you see her on your next flight, be sure to say thanks.

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