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The Price Is Write

Bookish types have long derided the so-called vanity press, but with the big publishing houses scaling back acquisitions, DIY publishing might just be bound for glory.

Author Willa Paskin Illustration Rodrigo Corral

NOT SO LONG AGO, self publishing was a dirty word. For the serious literary artiste, there was only one route to success. First, you’d find an agent to submit your proposal — or perhaps a finished book — to the major publishing houses. Then, with any luck, an editor would take the bait, treat you to a few boozy lunches (preferably at the Four Seasons), fork over a hefty advance and enlist the marketing department to propel your masterpiece onto best seller lists. Most self-respecting authors would sooner have used their manuscripts to line hamster cages than turn them over to a vanity press, traditionally viewed as the last resort of the vain, the foolish and the hopelessly amateur. But as an increasingly mercurial economy forces the publishing industry to rethink its modus operandi, book deals (not to mention advances, lunches and expensive publicity pushes) are becoming harder to come by — and self publishing suddenly seems reputable.

While traditional publishers have seen sales fall off precipitously in recent months — a nearly 15 percent drop at Bloomsbury, for instance — dozens of self publishing houses, including iUniverse, Xlibris and Amazon’s CreateSpace, are flourishing. In the past two years, print-on-demand company Blurb has gone from booking $1 million in revenue to $30 million (authors pay prices ranging from $13 to $170). Author Solutions, the parent company of iUniverse and other self publishing imprints, put out 12,000 titles in 2007, and expects to double that figure in 2009. “Traditional publishing is imploding,” says the company’s president and CEO, Kevin Weiss, “and we’re here helping people publish in numbers we never thought we would see.”

As the chances of landing a book deal dwindle, even tweedy literary elites are whispering that self publishing might be an acceptable path to legitimacy. Here’s why:

It can actually work

Brunonia Barry’s self-published novel The Lace Reader was purchased by William Morrow in October 2007 for more than $2 million. William P. Young’s self-published Christian novel The Shack, about a mourning father who meets God (she’s black), has sold more than a million copies. Lisa Genova’s novel about Alzheimer’s, Still Alice, was originally self published via iUniverse; 10 months and a lot of hustle later, it was purchased by Simon & Schuster for six figures, debuting at No. 5 on The New York Times best seller list.

For Genova, the decision to go the self publishing route was a last resort — after she’d spent a year futilely searching for an agent. “I was scared to self publish,” she admits. “I get why there is a stigma about it: There’s no gatekeeper saying this book meets a certain standard.” Genova’s biggest worry was that the lack of a traditional publisher’s seal of approval on her book’s jacket would mark it as somehow second-rate. “But if it weren’t for self publishing,” she continues, “the book would still be in a drawer somewhere. Now it’s on the best seller list.”

Of course, not all self-published books turn into best sellers — and most probably don’t deserve to. In fact, the average self-published volume sells only about 150 copies. That isn’t quite as bad as it may sound, given the publishing industry’s usual margins: 93 percent of traditionally published books sell only 1,000 copies, according to numbers released in 2004, the last time Nielsen Bookscan updated that statistic. (No wonder the book business is in trouble, right?)

It’s the only game in town

This past November, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt stunned the industry when it instructed its editors, at least temporarily, to stop purchasing manuscripts altogether (which is, after all, primarily what editors are hired to do). For the time being, the plan would be to concentrate on pushing the backlist. Though HMH is so far the only company to deliver an edict explicitly banning the acquisition of new titles, most publishers are becoming increasingly cautious about making new purchases, especially of fiction. Nearly overnight, the publishing world’s already high barrier to entry has become, for practical purposes, insurmountable.

Meanwhile, the few lucky writers who do manage to land a deal soon discover just how little that actually gets them these days. Under the new calculus, authors are often expected to build their own websites, throw their own book parties and schedule their own tours (which likely means driving from one bookstore to another and couch-surfing with friends). Some even wind up hiring freelance editors, rather than leave the job to the increasingly overworked red-pencil squads at their publishing houses.

All of which, come to think of it, sounds like a pretty good definition of self publishing. The Massachusetts- based book publicity firm Kelley & Hall was hired by both Barry and Genova, but according to publicist Jocelyn Kelley, self-published authors account for just 30 percent of the company’s clients. The other 70 percent are authors with traditional book deals, many of whom are dipping into their meager advances to cover the company’s fee. “Publishers have 50 to 100 authors they have to represent at a time, and they can’t always give them individualized attention,” Kelley explains. “Which means some fantastic books fall through the cracks.”

In other words, if an author’s neither a name brand nor a young hotshot, a standard publisher won’t do much more for him than a self publisher will. And these days, none of them are chowing down at the Four Seasons.

It’s the future

The good news for would-be authors is that new technologies are quickly leveling the playing field in a way that would surely please Gutenberg. Personal websites, blogs and Facebook pages are allowing authors, with or without a book deal, to find their audiences.

And as digital readers like Amazon’s Kindle and Sony’s Reader find wider acceptance, one of the few advantages traditional publishers still hold — their ability to get books onto store shelves — will slip their grasp.

A similar transformation has already happened in the music industry, of course, where bands promote themselves on MySpace and peddle their songs on iTunes. And no one frowns on a director who films her own short, uploads it to the internet and submits it to Sundance.

Literary wannabes who still fear the stigma of self publishing would do well to remember the example of Walt Whitman, who not only personally set the type for Leaves of Grass, but also promoted it, hawked copies to booksellers and even wrote anonymous reviews of the work, one of which began by trumpeting the arrival of “an American bard at last!” If he did say so himself.

Willa Paskin, a journalist living in New York City, has written for Slate, The Daily Beast and Radar magazine. She has not stooped to self publishing her work. Yet.

26 Responses to “The Price Is Write”

  1. Steve Weber Says:
    May 2nd, 2009 at 1:29 pm

    Another option (and the best route, in my opinion) is to engage a printer/wholesaler directly, instead of going with one of the service bureaus as mentioned in this article (CreateSpace, iUniverse, Xlibris). You can double your profits (or more) by doing it yourself instead of going through one of these middlemen.

    If your writing is a business, you've got to consider the costs. The “self publishing companies” mentioned are great at obscuring your costs and skimming most of your profit.

  2. MariaPollack Says:
    May 2nd, 2009 at 10:35 pm

    question: how does one get a book 'out there'? yes, printed; but how to circulate if there is no 'agent'?

  3. Craig Brackenridge Says:
    May 3rd, 2009 at 5:31 pm

    I write for a very focused audience of underground music fans but I find that having both self-published and had a book released by a UK publisher the only difference is that self-publishing takes a bit more expense in the promotional stages but you start to see the money coming in immediately as opposed to waiting for annual or bi-annual royalty payments. If you are writing for a specialised audience then self-publishing is definitely the way forward. With basic distribution it is easier to reach your target audience, word-of-mouth spreads quickly and you can start getting a return on your investment far more quickly.

  4. Vicki Hopkins Says:
    May 4th, 2009 at 6:28 pm

    Great article. Thank you for giving me respectability.

  5. evoterra Says:
    May 5th, 2009 at 4:01 pm

    Outstanding piece. Even after 7 years around the periphery of this industry, I find it amazing how resistant it is to change. Yet change cares not.

    I found your last comment re: indie films most compelling. And very true. I'm not a student of the history of film, so it's possible that the old-guard of motion pictures originally frowned upon an poo-pooed those who took that route. I'd not be surprised.

    So is that the future for the indie author? Maybe. But indie producers still want their movies in large release. Just like many indie authors still want their book in wide distribution. We've yet to see the true power of the webbernets that allow direct-to-consumer sales. Some of us are poking the boundaries of that, yet it's not been broken.

    To the next frontier!

  6. Todd Newton Says:
    May 5th, 2009 at 7:08 pm

    Fantastic article.

    I say let the industry drag its feet; the recording industry is still paying the price for not taking advantage of internet delivery technology when Napster debuted. Of course, self-publishing isn't illegal (though according to many bloggers it should be) but the comparison of a POD author and indy unsigned band is very close.

    I think it takes bravery to be a pioneer, and with facilitators like Evo pushing us authors along I believe we'll make it.

  7. Laurel Says:
    May 26th, 2009 at 3:05 pm

    I did all the things one is “supposed” to do — got the prestigious MFA, got the prestigious agent, got nothing but praise for my book, (and I'm already a self-supporting, full-time, self-employed author), but no takers on a manuscript about my mother. Now I'm going with iUniverse and I love it. To answer your specific question, they handle the distribution for you. You can cherry pick whatever services you want to use from editing to various levels of marketing support. They make sure your book gets into the distribution channels. And yes, you have to pay up front and they take their cut of sales, but if I went with a traditional publisher, they'd take a bigger cut and then my agent would take a cut of what was left, leaving me with not much. It's the new way and well worth at least considering.

  8. Thomas Hofer Says:
    May 26th, 2009 at 3:48 pm

    I just submitted my book ONE YEAR – AND BEYOND for publication. Let's see how this will apply to my book.

  9. BelieversPress Says:
    June 3rd, 2009 at 3:07 pm


    Well put. We created BelieversPress.com to tear down the walls and remove the middle men from the relationship — and put more profit in the author's pocket.

    We were tired of seeing “self-publishing” (author is the publisher) being hijacked by subsidy publishers (author pays to be published).

    We're glad self-publishing's reputation is improving, we just wish people would figure out that paying a company to put their ISBN/logo on your book is one the mostly mistakes they can make!

  10. Angela Hoy Says:
    June 12th, 2009 at 8:39 pm

    You can read about authors who landed traditional contracts after self-publishing here:


  11. Jessica James Says:
    July 6th, 2009 at 1:41 pm

    I'm glad to see my independently published historical fiction novel, Shades of Gray, is way above average by traditional publishing standards. I have sold more than 2,000 copies and it reached #1 on Amazon in the romance/historical category, beating out the classic Gone with the Wind.

  12. Connie Fairbanks Says:
    July 7th, 2009 at 9:59 pm

    I agree that self publishing will become the way of the future, especially with the younger folks. I recently self published a cookbook, Scratch That: Seasonal Menus and Perfect Pairings. I have been fortunate to get the cookbook into one of the major booksellers, but I do just as well selling it off my own website. It's important to remember that you have to constantly promote your book, and market it on a daily basis. Books, like almost anything, will not sell themselves. Also, spend the money to do a quality job!

    Connie Fairbanks

  13. Dave Young Says:
    July 14th, 2009 at 10:09 am

    I tore this page out of Hemispheres back in May and just found it folded up in the bottom of my computer case.

    The sheer numbers (especially since the introduction of Word Processing in 1984) have always been stacked against the average author. We tell authors that they should not expect to make money on their book…however, they should very much expect to make money BECAUSE of their book.

    Therefore, the book should be seen simply as a re-purposing of the author's content.

    I just finished teaching a 2-day course on this with book promoter Mike Drew. He has successfully helped 56 out of 56 clients achieve best-seller status, yet even the bestsellers will tell you the same thing.

    Note to authors: Your book is only one way to get your message to the audience…and the traditional publishing model is going the way of the dinosaur. You'd better be exploring these new models or be prepared to go down with the ship. It's not about the book. It's about you and what you have to say. There are many more profitable and noticeable ways to get your message out.

  14. MrNewHeart Says:
    July 15th, 2009 at 8:26 am

    I have found Print on Demand publishing to be an excellent way to get my 1991 heart transplant story out. My book, “Mr. NewHeart” was published two years ago and has helped many people.

    It is available on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble web sites.

  15. Donald James Parker Says:
    July 15th, 2009 at 8:28 am

    Absolutely right on article and very well written. Self-publishing is attracting prophets. Perhaps in the future the profits will follow. I don't even try to shop my novels around anymore. I'm not sure I'd opt to go with a traditional publisher if they discovered one of my eight self published books and wanted to acquire it.
    Donald James Parker

  16. Lloyd Lofthouse Says:
    July 18th, 2009 at 12:48 am

    Perceptive and correct. A true metamorphosis. The publishing world has changed. As a self-published author, I will be attending an all-day conference tomorrow in San Francisco called INSTOCK, The Conference for Self Publishers. Stanford University is holding a similar conference this summer that will run through a weekend.

  17. claytonbye Says:
    July 18th, 2009 at 9:17 am

    I appreciate the article. I've been self-publishing since the early 90's, before the POD revolution, using traditional printing and binding methods. The stigma was always there, even though some of my work sold as well as traditional authors.

    But it's not just the big publishers who are facing a metamorphosis. With POD publishers dumping massive numbers of books onto the market, small and micro publishers are also having trouble competing. When you can go directly to one or two companies to buy your books, why search the shelves and the internet for authors and companies you've never heard of?

    Once again, I find myself shifting to meet the demands of this rapidly changing industry.

  18. mnmarcus Says:
    August 6th, 2009 at 12:53 pm

    You are doing a dangerous disservice to your readers by confusing self-publishing with the use of a vanity press (regardless of what they call themselves).

    Just as no one else can eat lunch for you, take a bath for you or go to school for you, no one else can _self_ publish for you.

    By definition only _you_ can self-publish.

    If you pay money for a company like iUniverse or Lulu to publish a book, you are a customer, not a self-publisher.

    Unless you are a publisher, you are _not_ a self-publisher.

    A real self-publisher forms a business to publish a book, and usually hires a designer and editor and perhaps others.

    A real self-publisher can publish faster than a customer of a vanity press can, and have a better book, and pay less and make more.

    Michael N. Marcus
    author of “Become a Real Self-Publisher,” due soon

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    September 11th, 2009 at 7:37 pm

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    The leaf loses the grip strength cannot whole on to the twig branch that drops to the ground. Loosening the leaf that fallen to the ground by gravity or the perspiration shift of the wind.

    Humans are injected with a flu shot to protect from the winter temperatures Chillness of the Cold Fever.

    Landscape environment is whole punctured and given potassium mulch that covering the meadow fields. Even the Rejuvenators need Protection before the winter the doctor’s helps the community before autumn

    The Rejuvenators season’s complexion colouration is wonder to behold reflective radiant natural of nature sight of outer beauty.

    The Rejuvenators stem, Trunks Branch is potentially warm they do not need fire. In the Season landscape plant flower usually rots and does not return once the winter touches the ground.

    It is Essential of Plant to prepare for winter with bright colourations while Doctors help the economy.

    Array of Colours is fashionable to the nation.
    Autumn Season of Winter:

  21. ageorgedave Says:
    September 11th, 2009 at 8:02 pm

    Compose Lyricals:
    A. George Dav Prince:

    Chris Cringle: Santa Clause:

    Jingle, Jangle, Jingle, rock it with Chris Cringle, rock around the christmas tree, Have a holiday,
    It is almost Chrismas Day, sing along with me.

    Sleigh Bells keep on ring, while the choir keep on singing,
    listen to the sound they play, ding a dang a dong, dance swing along,
    sing along with me.

    Were going to dance, around, the clock at night, Celebrate at Christmas night.
    Were going to swing along and have some fun, until Christmas eve is done.

    Jingle, Jangle, Jingle, rock it with Chris Cringle rock around the Christmas tree.
    I look in the sky, while the raindeer go by,

    Merry Christmas To You From Me:

  22. ageorgedave Says:
    September 11th, 2009 at 9:40 pm

    Whitby, Ontario, Canada:
    Authorship Writer: A. George Dave Prince

    Rejuventor: Seasonal Change of Winter:

    Winter Snow Flakes touch the ground surface of the area.
    Snow falls to the ground covers the entire community.
    Landscape of snow is heavier than the branches and twigs that could break
    hurt a tree. The Branch could width hold practicals flakes stronger than a human living longer lives their.

    Landscape flowers last a season then wilts with no return.
    Rejuvenators Jacket is Fashional jacket morph change with Colouration.

    In the winter the those who are outdoors the Rejuventor Seasonal Jacket tranforms into
    a coat and Glove Mitten. Fashional Style, Icy, Snowy, and Hail crystal beads,

    Rejuvenators, Stem, Trunk Branches are protected for the Blizzards of winter.
    Heat of Fire is not needed although they cook as well.

    Rejuventors loves the winter.

    Landscape: plant dwell of water will soon adopt into the Roots.
    Rejuventors Nurishment and thrist, Stems, Trunk Branches ate and drink the same as human.
    The water keep their feet moist and firm with a better ablity and grip.

    Rejeventors shade of bead crystal the stem, trunk branches are quiet different,

    A. G.D. Prince

  23. ageorgedave Says:
    September 13th, 2009 at 5:43 pm


    Whitby, Ontario, Canada

    WEbook Serge Profile:
    Come and See:

    Authorship: Writer:
    A. George Dave Prince

    Area Stadium of Sports:

    Nation Area Games:

    National wide Region Competition world Economy of sports: Supporter fans cheer for their leagues of their choice while sitting on bleachers. The audience is protected from getting injured or hurt suppose to be with out incident. Protective area does not shield them from High over the stadium window shield. Fan gives their love, appreciation for the game with high spirit.

    Team Leaguers are up for the challenge. They compete against each other against for the title of championships.

    Competitors travel all over the global national nation. Each individual boarder Country Nation or Island has a grand Cultural sport stadium near community residents in Island’s Region of Sports:

    Region of Sports: Sport Travelers:

    Canada: Hockey:
    United States: Basket Ball
    Brazil: Tactic Soccer touch Football
    England, London: Golf
    Caribbean Island’s: Cricket, Base Ball,

    China and Japan: Ping, Pong, Tennis

    Italy, Portuguese: Row Boat competition:
    India Aboriginal Natives: River Kayak

    North India, Eskimos Inuvik’s Natives,
    Bob Sliding:

    Russia: Acrobatic, Arabic’s:

    Africa: Track and Field

    Scotland: Tactical Foot Balls.

    Australia: Super Soul Creature Stadium:

    Apps of Sweeten: Skiing:

    Rome: Trot Competitions:

    Bermuda Island: Sailor Sea’s and oceans.

    Norway: Cycling

    Teams are sent towards the different nations to try their best to upgrade their status achievement to become prepared athletes. Body relives tension with preparation steadiness their readiness to compete.

    Strength of muscle, acrobatic area shift Aerobics. Stamina of speed quickness and Dexterity
    Coordination they practice with Excise every second day to meet training requirements.

    Do not over exert the body could lead to injuries, hurt, damaging to the vital areas. Players could be out of the games for temporary maybe whole season, disable to not return.

    Performance must be well maintained.
    Prepare warms up but not too much that the athletes have should not any low energy mutualism.
    To they are unable to carry out their duties tired, existed, Out of shape; Olympians are not able to keep up. Food nourishment pertain health rather than a diet. Flex your body to adapt your ability. Starving starvation only creates more hunger.

    Nourishment turns to Gluttony worst than wanting more food. Nourishment Diet Health just means eat less not more take in consideration balance meal.

    Protective Area:

    New reports events and the Daily news coverage keep up with the process of what is happening.
    Issue realization, Entertainment, Full Publicity coverage of Nation sport leagues. Pubic school‘s, High school dormitories events youngsters and teen youngsters are selected to travel to different regional National parks or community Civic. Community Residents live in the surrounding area economy next to the stadium. Monitor the sport game auditorium.

    Practice Particaptation:

    Twins Leagues Competition Sport games and the Olympics:
    Richard Four feet Five, Black Dark Complexion, Dark Hair,
    And a Pubic School Student:

    Greg: Four Feet six inches taller: Pubic School Student:
    Pubic School Student in a separate Dormitory Location:
    Both are Identical Twins:

    Jogging to school younger Richard Majestic would not take the bus.
    The Jogger or runner took a short cut through the path of the Woods Fields and meadow. The directed highway an island is spit in the middle between two groups: East and West of the lane.

    Richard ran or Jogged depending on the time clock able to reach to school and play foot ball before the bell rings before class started. Teachers and Coaches start with warm exercise stretches everyday practices endurance lungs of breath expanding the children skill and speed strengthening their aerobic legs. His brother Greg from another school both brotherly bonds always practiced off School grounds two of them representing two different Dormitories prepare them selves for every event.

    Both are competing in the competition at the race. They were both full strong runners with two different coaches. Both even practiced with petal blocks. The Hind Foot is the strongest push leg and the in step then their short stop to again speed traction. Coaches practiced with short and long distance setting passé before the competition.

    Twin Both Brothers were the member leaders team Captains of the school.
    The Community and Pubic School counted on them. Practice make perfect!
    Let the Competition games begin.

    Teams are prepared starters. Cultural Nations from many different Schools gather on the field they came to compete against each other. Audience sat on the auditorium bleachers to support the Athlete from near and far. Track and Field wide circler ash fault field blocks or petal stone block surrounds the area. The length and width of side is quiet large as a Football or Soccer field stadium.

    The Further away the track the faster the person is suppose to be. The Referee’s call the shots. The Referee’s calls the short Distance Runners are call at the front. Competitors take the escape passage lane to the track field with Time Passé Setters: Clock timers.
    The Passé Clock Setter’s watches every movement quickness of the Olympians to whom reaches the finish line first.

    Some accepted the petal blocks some did not. Greg Brother was in the second lane.
    Starters watched carefully at the referee while the hush of silence fell upon the audience. The Referee Long hand was Olympian the air the other with a horn. The Competitors press unlocked the jotted leg in mid air in high position. The Referee hand went half way lengthy stretched long. The Runners tilt in bow crouch position.

    Remember Racer Passers will cross the finish line; competitor’s goal not to come in spooled first but passé time set accordingly break their own time record.
    Athlete also competes for the challenge. Competitors:

    The opponent or challengers competing remember there is will be always someone faster than you. Are you the fastest than home challenger or is it your area opponent?

    Test Challenge against other runners of control of speed. Not with personal Venda, The well to Compete with Test of skill. Break the barrior of recorded timer of speed.

    Win or Lose Both Competitors shook hands with friendship or Bow with honour with respect. With no hard feels against each other.

    Brotherly or Sisterly Bond: family no matter what is still family. Brothers in two different
    Schools are active weather win or lose.

    Both Competed played too their best to their ably they complete the course all the way while Other Challenges waits.

    Do not become a spoil sport of the competition.
    A.G.D Prince

    Nation Dome Park:

    The World Nation Park is Dome Community.
    The Arena sport summer area and winter game Arena and Lake Arena is similar to an amusement fun park. Each countries hovers adapt to the perception of the Area.

    Area stadium covers skies, Bob sleigh Tobogganing, figure skating, Ice Hokey, and Board Tobogganing and many more sport games.

    There is a Digital site map of location near each section of the area near the entrances plus the all the Children carry pocket digital computer just a case they are lost. They carry a G.P. Tracker Devise.

    When Track is over competition teams from many different cultural nations support their league. The Audience sat in protective bleachers area of the Dome. The amazing part
    The Whole Community Audience is ion shielded by the rain or storm the change of precipitation. Dome roof covered each Area Stadium or meadow field. Player a protect in
    In game arena

    The Arena even when the sport game is out side the Dome Arena slides underneath the ground surface let the games begin.

    Dome also has in door Arena’s Well conditioned with comfort.
    Competitor is either a team sport or solo.

    This is not a marshal conflict battle: combat or weaponry of war.

    None should be hurt or injured with incendent. Compete Competition is competitive games should be with enjoyment of fun with out death.

    Do not be a spoil Sport person with envy jealously or cheat.
    Profession or challenge, the game should be fun for all.

    A. G. D. Prince:

    Bob Sleigh Team:

    The Team members Finishes Track and Field watch their other members compete the Bob sleigh Team. Quintet twins of four are over the mountains. Carrier Carriage with a Pulley rope over head ascends them up carries them over the hill.

    From the summer heat Track and field the temperature drops to Cool Weather flacks of snow and ice plank of snow. Dress warm buddle up this stadium is a bit frost nippy.
    The mountain has a vertical slide, and twist turning position.
    Bob Sleigh is great sport. The Children put on their helmets, reel to push the sleigh, slide roll with movement.

    There is wide Screen on the high mantle beside the audience who sit on the bleachers a viewer screen, and a wide computer viewer screen was beside each seat just case none could see the sleigh moving vertical slide downwards. The Pane Glass shields the audience is protected from the Bob sleigh impact. The team/wearing safety gear protection from the nee and the elbow safety Pads is important to professional and pubic alike.

    Black Little Ladies Children Younger’s Quintet: Dark Black complexion Kay, Shun, Kala, Shana:

    Pubic School Students: They Practice on hill even on grass land.
    Shana steered the brake with her strength the back stopper.
    The Swing: all must be in lineament move shift together as a team.

    The Front is steering wheel and sight seer of the front.
    The Front should be aware of shift movement in any direction or collides, collision.

    Move brakes back for a hard stop important to slow shift with grip could cause trifocal force of spinning.

    Time on speed and accuracy: Important try not to tip the bob sleigh over board safety come first. Mostly they loved the trill of the ride.
    They enjoyed sliding weather first or last the game is fun with control.

    Record the accordance: Race against your self rather than your opponent.
    Break your recorded time on the solo set passé judge timing.
    Achieve the personal win of the own of compete challenge.

    Winners: there always someone faster, smarter than you,

    Challenger or Opponent;
    Not to worry arrives come return or new competitors will compete
    Anyone could be a winner: be leader or the next leader could win the second guess.

    Pubic or Team player there also many other cultural sport in the league
    Worth trying but players usually share the love of their best sport that why
    None leave the game.

    Sport Competitors: do not be a Spoil Sport while competing:
    Break the Barrior of the Recording speed.
    A.G.D. Prince


    Web Page: Webook
    Written Name Serge:
    Come and See
    Author ship: A. George Prince

    Competition Sport of Tactic Soccer:

    Huddle running back or forward attack or defensive position and using pylons are Tactical soccer Foot ball. Tactic soccer is a dodge game not a block:

    Soccer is a foot ball tactic competition leg and skull of sport.
    Triangulate Angles Foot Ball Soccer is a long distance endurance sport game.
    Ten are on the Field with one Goldie in the net.
    Long or short range kickers with dodge, shoulder, head control

    Referee’s and aliment wing side line are between Home challengers and the opponents
    Who compete against each other: Visitors and Home leagues?

    Field Controllers Referees and aliment Wing Side Line’s or Empires should neither share directive sides of favoritism. Referee is league of legal justice abuse settlers of the game.

    Aliment Wing side lines catches the off measures out bounce area’s weather there is a off sides, corner kick, aliment wing must account for which member is selected for the
    Throw in, and help the referee watch for indirect or direct fouls and the aliment also help the referee what the person can not see.

    Player should never use the aliment line to over step their ground to gain more area.

    Kick Balls are given to Goldie’s with retrieval.
    Goldie must stay in the Thick Box of range. Out of Range the Goldie is a player not a Keeper. The Goldie is Defender who blocks the ball from entering the net the score protector. The Goldie Retriever stop opponent in their tracks.

    The Field of Ten:
    Goldie, and Defensive,

    Defense may Increase protection depending on skill of the opponent lock the opponent away from the Goal
    Defensive Left Wing and Defensive Right Wing:
    Defensive Center: Defensive Left and Defensive Right:
    Defensive could fall back to two or increase maximum by four:
    Center Defensive: Center Defensive Right, Center Defensive Left, Defensive Left Wing, and Defensive Right Wing.

    The Half Back: Center Half Back, Half Back Right Wing and Half Back Left Wing,
    Also could drop or increase:

    The Center Forward: Forward Right, and Forward Left
    Also could drop or increase: even in tactic attacks:
    The Leader must choose which field advance or conserve: Referee flips a coin:

    Game Competition: Nation World, Compete against Globule Region:
    Competitive Team Sport:

    Identical Twins: Soccer Team: Competitors:
    The Goldie (Guinto, Player: Gene no), (Aaron, Davis), (Abbott, Abdullah),
    (Victor and Bobby,) (Jesse, Darin), (Jeff, Steven,)
    Identical Twins Challengers:

    The Goldie (Tyler, Player Tim), (Ken, Corbin), (Higgins, Hinds),
    (Deffand, Steffen), (Jerry, Carrey), ((Damon, Devon),
    Win or Lose: The Challenge for the Children is either:
    Shake hands with Friendship: Or Bow with Honour:
    With Respect:

    Competition or Challenge They had enjoyment of fun:
    This is not a marshal law conflict combat or Weaponry battle of war.
    Compete, competitions there not should be no Juries, hurt, with Incendent.
    Strategic Strategy competition is a sport not a deadly Duel cause of death.
    The Realization surveillance Privileges of the Authority Police and Detective will investigate.

    Get Active Energetic and Participate: try a cultural event sport.
    Challenger or opponent completion to complete there is plenty.

    Authorship: A. G.D. Prince:

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    September 23rd, 2009 at 7:19 pm


  25. ageorgedave Says:
    September 23rd, 2009 at 9:43 pm

    Trimph, Tribulation, and Trimph:

    E-mail: agdprince@rogers.com

    Lyrical Compisition:
    A. George Dave Prince

    Triumph, Tribulation, and Trails: I Remember

    Triumph, and Tribulation, and Trails: Freedom

    Triumph and Tribulation and Trails: We Unite:

    Remember the histroic of our lives:

    I re-membered, once upon-a-time, to stop the oppression,
    to gain Freedom hope of light:

    To Break away frombonds of a slavery,
    To Break away from apparthiod,

    Triumpulation of tribulation is on the was rise.


    Triumph, Tribulation: and Trials: I Remember

    Triumph, Tribulation, and Trails: Freedom

    Triumph, Tribulation and Trails: We Unite

    Triumph, Tribulation and Trails:

    Remember the histroic view of life:

    I Re-member, once -a-upon a time, We Unite, We stood Together, We were Unified.
    We celebrated and remember the good time and bad. ge
    This was this union of our lives.

    Judge me not accordly in my trails,
    Judge me not accordly to my works,
    Judge me not accordly in my morals, in my sins,
    Judge me not accordly in my consiquences and blessings:

    Truimph, Tribulation and Trails:
    Truimph, Tribulation and trails: I Remember
    Truimph, Tribulation and Trails: Freedom

    Carry on the Generation, help them remember the histroic times:

  26. ageorgedave Says:
    September 27th, 2009 at 11:11 pm

    E-mail: agdprince@rogers.com

    Whitby, Ontario, Canada:

    Authorship: A. George Dave Prince

    Dino Community:

    Hamanity of Humans live co-sides with soul animals of life and Dinosourses.
    Children and Audlts are tellepahic's able to communicate with soul creatures
    bound by campanion friendship.

    Dino's share in the same activity with the children active sports outside games.
    Rangers and Workers does not want to put pressure on the Dino's they try to avoid use them
    for Job Duties and Rescues human treat them with respect handling the job's themselves..

    Visiters are welcome in Transorious Island many move in the stay populate the city.
    Campers come in Region of the Forest Camp. The Guide Instuctors tell them to stay close
    not to leave his side. A few decided to seperate Guide Instuctor and the other children turn back '
    searching for the lost children.
    Rescures also search for the lost child whom wonder too far Cara, Darcy, Shun,, and Euitiemist
    mean while the Ranger's childern are flown after school with two terridactoles air dodging the ttree obstictlea racing towards the hidden sonic bat caves .

    The children flew over lost children. Both at first pass them by. Lana and Garson descended
    on the landscape of the ground. By two each the lost children was returned to the ranger station
    the guide instudtor was contacted.

    The Ranger worried how the children handle the creatures they should be treated carefully,
    Deusmen beilives the larger creatures he protects should not be abused. .

    The City will lett the children parternship with the Dinosores. Parents neighter the authority Police, Parental Guardians none will force expose the creatures to do work. He beilives they are wild and free.

    The Larger Creatures are wild and free youngers or adult creatures return to the wilderness at night on
    their own. A research mineral collecter once work in the cave. slipped and fell could not move his leg.
    The Ranger searched and found the researcher unknowning the cave in callaps.

    Caught in the landslide the ranger tried to life rocks was tires lit a candle to preserve oxygen. They could not get out. A Triceratop's bash the bolders smaching them rclear way outside.

    The other ranger came to help them.. The problem there was not record of the Triceratops in the area
    who save him. He thought this was the work of his the children. They knew nothing about the mysterious
    rescuer where he came from. A Soul creature whom saves the day.

    , ,